Surface preparation by " Sandblasting", is very common and can be relevant at different stages of a product's life, from its initial manufacturing, to its maintenance or its reconditioning in order to restore it to several more years of function.

It can be used with or without the intention of coating a metallic part..


The sandblasting technic consists of removing all dirt and flakes from the surface of a metal object by blasting it with a high velocity abrasive using compressed air.

Effective sandblasting involves a combination of soft and aggressive actions to quickly remove impurities, without changing their structure or appearance.

By propelling steel balls at very high pressure, the material residues and dirt are effectively dislodged, both on the surface and in its cavities.

Depending on the desired sanding, we adjust the level of abrasion and provide a different finish, for an optimal result without ever damaging the surface.



Removal of all traces of rust, scale, oil, grease, dirt, dust, paint and visible foreign bodies. 
Used in conditions where the environment is very corrosive, it is the highest degree of preparation.

Traces of discoloration caused by rust, scale, or previous paint stains remain on approximately 33% of the surface. It is the most used surface preparation in the workshop.

Removal of all residue except for heavily encrusted scale, rust and old coatings.

Used in non-corrosive environments

At least 95% of the surface is free of any residue. 

Used for harsh environments where the product is exposed to intensive use.



Blast, deoxidize.
Removal of traces of rust, scale, grease, dirt, dust, paint etc.


By mechanical treatment, creation of a grainy texture on the part. In case of a coating project, perfectly prepares the part to receive powder paint.


Polishing the part, standardizing its finishes and edges to obtain a smooth surface, removing all burrs (deburring).


Sandblast station:

  • Sandblasting room: 
    30 feet long X 15 feet wide X 10.5 feet high
  • Rolling bridge:
    38 feet long, with a capacity of 1 ton



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